Zip Baits Rigge 35

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Rigge 35 is a crankbait from Japan's Zip Baits and with its unique shape and compact size, it is a versatile bait for all hungry predators from trout to pike. The Rigge 35 features a Magdraft balancer system.  Zip Baits has managed to incorporate a shaft with a sliding weight of tungsten even in this small crankbait. This not only gives the Rigge 35 a very low centre of gravity, but also creates a stable and strong rolling action in hard currents.

Color: Clear Pink Glitter (S), Clear Lime Glitter (S), Clear Orange Spot (F)
Weight: 2.5 gr (Sinking), 2 gr (Floating)
Length: 35 mm
Diving depth: 30 to 80 cm
Condition: As new