Shimano Exsence Shallow Assassin 99F Flash Boost

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The Shallow Assassin is as the name suggests a shallow diving sub surface lure which works down to around 30 cm. It is equipped with Shimano’s Flash Boost system which uses a vibrating panal to give an attractive flashing action to the lure. The body has a rounder bait fish profile and a small lip. The lure has a natural wobbling action and fishes well with a steady retrieve but you can liven things up by adding some rod movement and a few pauses.

The lure has Shimano’s AR-C cast control system which moves the lures centre of gravity towards the tail for long accurate casting and then positions the weight further forward on the retrieve to give a perfectly balanced swimming action.

Color: Red Head, Candy
Weight: 15 gr
Length: 99 mm
Type: Floating

Condition: Lightly used