Nories Sankaku Ko T-San 4"

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Not only does the Sankaku Ko T-San have a special name, it is also unique in terms of its shape. The Sankaku falls under the so-called "cat-baits", which are specifically designed to be fished through heavy vegetation or obstacles without affecting the action. Partly due to its unique shape and attachment, this bait will exhibit a completely different action from the average worm-shaped softbait.

Takumi Ito from Nories designed this softbait especially to be fished with a jika, weightless, neko or free-rig.

Available color: Light Green Pumpkin
Length: 101.6 mm

Condition scores:
N - New in original packing
A - As new
B - Lightly used, with minor scratches
C - Used, with obvious scratches