Raid Japan Whip crawler 4.9”

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The WHIP CRAWLER is RAID JAPAN’s first ever straight worm. It was developed with all-around capabilities to be used on a multitude of rigs.


For a straight worm, a resilient material is crucial. So, to maximize the worm’s strength, the best balance had to be found between hard/soft, thick/thin, and heavy/light. The result is a complete all-arounder that handles numerous rigs and field conditions.

In different parts of the worm, there are different cross-sections which is a distinct quality of the WHIP CRAWLER. By only making the hooking area a triangular cross-section, and all other cross-sections closer to a perfect circle, the action response is greatly improved. One that eliminates its rigid outer appearance. With different surfaces for hook placement, it allows a different 2WAY action.

Place the hook on the flat-side RJ logo and the worm catches water effectively and makes a big dynamic swim and wobbling action. This is the best setting for muddy waters and when you want more flash. Because the flat side creates more drag, it limits forward movement, and is particularly effective when fish are inactive.


By placing the hook through the vertical rib, underneath the tip of the triangle, it slips through water and makes a high-pitched swim and tight rolling action.

4.9” - 10 pieces

Color: Cinnamon