Raid Japan Two Side

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The TWO SIDE’s unique openings on its mouth creates big splash, spit, and sound. Its specially crafted propeller on its tail adds a seductive swishing sound, splash, and flash. For fish holding deep in cover and in a lower range, it gets fish to notice even in muddy waters with low visibility. It has the power to lure fish from afar and get strikes.

The TWO SIDE performs best in pinpoint spots like shoreline, overhang, bush, and cover. It’s effective with gentle rod work and being persistent in those small areas. When the plug moves away from the targeted cover or in open water, a simple retrieve will make the tail propeller spin and create a buzzbait-like sound and splash. This extends the strike zone by continuing to appeal to fish during its retrieve.

The TWO SIDE is certainly a top water plug that changes action based on how the angler controls it.

ength: 64.0mm  

Weight: 9 gram - 5/16oz

type: Floating