Raid Japan Scratch

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 Like the name says, the SWITCHBAIT SCRATCH can switch between actions just like the best switch-hitter. When searching wide for fish, a simple retrieve will create strong ripples just like a wake bait and lure fish out from a distance. For pinpoint fishing, rod work will impart a table turn of over 180 degrees and get those monsters out from under.

The distinct cup around its gills makes splash and popping sound on turns for a natural hitting design.

Compared to standard plugs, the SCRATCH has thick inner walls. This evenly distributed center of gravity allows a soft landing that makes fish notice and pushes water effectively like a wooden plug for attracting fish underneath with a bigger presence than it appears. The SCRATCH is a versatile, dynamic, yet delicate top water plug that will get lunkers to charge the surface. Take your top water game to the next level.

The SCRATCH can be used on medium to medium heavy tackle, which makes it very versatile. Add it to your tackle box and feel the impact in numerous situations.

Length: 79.8mm

Weight: 21 gram - 3/4oz.