Raid Japan Fish Roller 3”

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The Raid Japan Fish Roller series was designed with the concept of “easy and effective” mid-depth tactics like the Mid strolling and hoover techniques which are increasingly more popular in modern day lure fishing.

This type of rig is often difficult for many anglers because of its “lack of feeling”. The Fish Roller by Raid Japan  improves on this shortcoming by adding more water-catching area on the head and inflated gills. A clear feel of the action is achieved by adding just enough resistance.

 This fine resistance also pushes water on straight-line retrieves and gives it presence. Combined with the air pocket that gives it ample float, a “dead-slow underwater hovering” is achieved, which is essential for the mid strolling technique.

The other important element to get fish to bite in mid-depth is a rolling action. This is made possible with a good thickness that allows easy rolling action for anyone.

Its square-sided body and sharp edges create a roll and strong flash that attracts bass effectively.

three sizes are available to adjust for different situations.

N - New in pack 

3” - 7 pieces per pack