Raid Japan Fat Whip 5”

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The mid sized in the WHIP CRAWLER series, the FAT WHIP 5” carries a big presence underwater.

 Its main characteristic is the high-density material which is three times the salt content of the FAT WHIP 5inch. Its 3inch body weighs 5g which maximizes the potential of weightless rigs, but don’t forget it is also perfectly shaped for a no action Ned-rig. The weight allows it to be cast far compared to floating ned worms, on a lighter jighead!

The simple shape has the triangular cross-section of the WHIP CRAWLER series which allow weightless freefalls to produce a vibrant and lively rolling shimmy.

When using a #3/0 offset hook, the hook point can be hidden on its unique backside slit.

5” - 8 pieces