Raid Japan Egu Dama - Type Level

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The EGU-DAMA Type-LEVEL is a small rubber jig developed to land those impossible bass on power finesse and bait finesse tackle. Effective when it’s hung and shook in various cover like timber, laydowns, and bush, as well as vertical structure like concrete walls.

With a moderate stuck-ness and slip-through ability, the head is designed for perfect horizontal posture.

The EGU-DAMA Type-LEVEL is a Tungsten jig equipped with a distinct head shape for weight balance and 95-degree line eye that allows a perfect horizontal posture when paired with recommended trailers like the EGU-BUG and even with the rear-weighted BATTLE-HOG 2.6”

Also, the rubber skirt which is the heart of the small rubber rig was carefully selected. The right hardness, thickness, and cross-section were chosen for the original rubber skirt and new concept tapered skirt.