Raid Japan Answer Switchbait

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Another fantastic addition to our switchbait lineup, the SWITCHBAIT ANSWER has contrasting features to the SWITCHBAIT SCRATCH. The SCRATCH has the appearance and power to put fish into feeding mode in an instant. The ANSWER on the other hand is best for finnicky fish that can’t easily be brought to the surface. It produces delicate action for technical fishing.


For slow to medium retrieves, it swims between surface to subsurface in a twisting motion while producing an ideal ripple and tail propeller that makes a splash and rhythmic sound. Its waking action is great for “fishing along a line”.

With rod work, depending on strength and stroke, it creates a variety of action.

The ANSWER floats with its tail up, but with rod action, it dips its head and dives. During this motion, the tail propeller spins creating a sweet sound and bubbles to entice fish “on the spot”.


When jerked harder or ripped in a longer stroke, the body twists and dives 50cm coated with bubbles. Its tempting appeal like that of a real baitfish can get fish holding on bottom to get interested.

Length: 108 mm

Weight: 14 gram - 1/2oz. 

Type: Slow Floating