O.S.P Yamato Jr.

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The slightly odd chin of the O.S.P Yamato Jr. makes this bait one of the most versatile topwaters on the market. No matter the weather conditions, this topwater will always have a stable walk-the-dog action combined with a huge splash due to the paddle under its chin.

Due to the two attachment points on the head, the Yamato Jr. can create two different actions; using the top point will create a nice S-movement when constantly reeling in and a 'walk-the-dog' action when twitching where the head dives below the water surface. Should you use the lower eye, the Yamato Jr. will show its loud 'walk-the-dog' action above the surface. These different modes of use make the O.S.P suitable for any weather condition and water type. For example, set it on saltwater for bass or during the summer months on the shallow parts of river lakes and you will be amazed at the violence with which this topwater is caught by Perch to predatory ides.

Color: TG Flying fish (B), Wakasagi (C)
Weight: 18 gr
Length: 95 mm
Type: Floating

Condition scores:
N - New in original packing
A - As new
B - Lightly used, with minor scratches
C - Used, with obvious scratches