Megabass X-80 Trick Darter

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The X-80 Trick Darter by Megabass is one of the most versatile twitchbaits on the market and can be fished with almost any rod. Short and gentle twitches with the rod tip really bring this twitchbait to life. In addition to the characteristic left-right movement, the Trick Darter has a fierce body roll. The nervous nature of the X-80 Trick Darter lends itself well to so-called 'reaction strike' fishing. Especially on tough days with no wind and clear weather, this characteristic can win over perch or pike.

Available colors: GS Moroko (A), GS Deadly Black Shad (A), SG Kohuku Reaction (A), Wagin Golden Shad (B), MG Wakasagi (A), Hachiro Reaction (B), GP Avocado (A), GG Moss Back Golden Shad (A), M IL Blue Back RB (A), GLX Kameyama Wakasagi (A), GG Oikawa (B), GG Megabass Kinkuro (B), GP Sexy Shad (A), M Stardust Shad (A), Blue Back Chart Candy (A),

Weight: 9.8 gr
Length: 80 mm
Type: Suspending

Condition scores: 
N - New in original packing
A - As new 
B - Lightly used, with minor scratches
C - Used, with obvious scratches