DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow 15 gr

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\The Duo Drag Metal flies like a rocket and sinks quickly to the desired depth. The compact but thick body has a stable wobble and a horizontal sliding action during the fall. This type of bait is also popularly known as Speed ​​Jigs and is a forgotten but extremely effective asp bait in strong currents. The Speed ​​Jigs can be cast extremely far and can reach distant spots like no other bait can. You can also use Speed ​​Jigs for perch and/or pike-perch as a replacement for a shad in places where there is a strong current. Fish a jig such as a Duo Drag metal over the bottom just like a soft bait, and hold your rod tight!

Colors: UV Flash (PNA0534), Real Mackerel (PNA0489), Sandeel (PHA0006)
Weight: 15 gr

Length: 43 mm
Type: Floating

Condition scores:
N- New in original packing