DRT VTS 7" (Custom color Pre-order)

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The DRT VTS 7" is a softbait with a unique shape and big head. It is a perfect example of a standout large profile softbait intended to target bigger specimens. Mostly used by todays pelagic anglers, the VTS 7" has proven to be a force to be reckoned with by seducing multiple meter+ zander in the past year.

Both the non-salt and salt-in versions are suitable for fishing pelagic. However the slightly boyant salt-in model is best suited for jig/srewheads below 5 gr or weightless. Whilst the sinking non-salt model is the preferred choice for many pelagic (vertical) anglers. When slowrolling with a jighead it maintains its horizontal position and stable position due to the large vertical V-tail.

Recommended rigging options
- Jig/screwhead for mid-water strolling and slowrolling
- Weightless for soft jerkbait action
Vertical/pelagic applications for specimens
- Weighted EWG hook with weight under the belly for retrieving in the midst of obstacles

Color: Golden Shiner, Purple Winny, Spectre, Electric Shad, Escape Craw, Tapioka 
Weight: 21 gr (salt-in model),  27 gr (non-salt model)
Quantity: 5 pieces per pack