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The Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash is the sized-down version of its bigger brother the Klash 9. The Klash series by DRT are amongst the worlds most rare and sought after swimbaits. Famous amongst anglers worldwide due to its attention to detail. Its rare degree in the world of swimbaits make this lure a world reference for catching records.

Besides the beauty and quality of this gem, its peculiarity is that it has an interchangeable bib and tail to adapt his swimming to every situation. It elicits bites from the most educated predators in heavily fished lakes/rivers or urban waters. Combine your Klash with the complementary spare parts by switching out tails or the lip to suit your needs!

Available colors: Biwasagi, Queen, Pro Blue, Blue Monday, 08 Panic Pink
Weight: 56 gr
Length: 168 mm
Type: Low Floating

Condition scores:
N- New in original packing
A - As new
B - Lightly used, with minor scratches
C - Used, with obvious scratches