Decoy Y-F35

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Treble Y-F35 is a long shank, forged treble that covers a wide range despite its small size and lightweight. The advantage of Decoy hooks is that the strength that can be achieved in relation to the wire thickness produces a fine hook with an extra sharp needle point making for a reliable hook-up every time. The narrow gap and long shank of Y-F35 is perfectly suited for twitchbaits and topwater applications targeting big predatory fish.

Decoy Y-F35 hooks have slightly turned in points, which is a great feature for missing snags and rocks, and also for keeping the fish on once it is hooked. The Long Taper point reliably catches at the first contact and pierces the point with the maximum penetration power.

size 4 - 6 pieces per pack
size 6 - 6 pieces per pack