Raid Japan Little Sweeper 3”

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Contrary to the Fishroller designed for mid-depth Hovasuto and Midosuto techniques, the LITTLESWEEPER is an alternate baitfish pattern to be used primarily on drop shot rigs.

The LITTLESWEEPER when paired with a drop shot on the bottom is great for limiting forward movement while imitating a slow and weakened baitfish. A perfect bite-sized snack for a bass.

The unique tail imitates a weakened baitfish on falls and straight retrieves with its fine weakly vibrations and delicate movement on shakes.

The LITTLESWEEPER’s identity is the unique pectoral fins that allow the angler to feel the action and more so through a twitching retrieve.

To allow bass to recognize it as a baitfish, a parallel swim is crucial. It has an air pocket that gives it just enough float to maintain a horizontal posture.


The small bump on its head allows a strong hook-hold for drop shot hooks that can fall out easily.

With all these details, the LITTLESWEEPER has seen tremendous results even in the toughest conditions like sight casting in high pressures fields.

3” - 7 pieces

Color: Stealth Fish