O.S.P Half Zip Rain Jacket

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The O.S.P Half Zip Rain Parka pursues functionality and is finished with an original hood and shape. The body is made of waterproof fabric and has been treated with water repellent on the surface. It is sewn in a dedicated factory, and the seams are fully seam-treated. Designed by O.S.P to be everyday rainwear that emphasizes waterproofing and a long lifespan.

In addition, ventilation is provided with inner fabric mesh on the inside and back of the front pocket to escape moisture in the wear. The ventilation pocket on the front can also be stored packable, so it can be stored compactly. In addition, the logo printed in various places is a reflector (reflective) print. The cuffs are simple velcro and go well with the O.S.P rain cuffs sold separately. 

Color: Black charcoal
Size: M (European fit)

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