BlueBlue Snecon 50S

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Japan-based and hugely popular BlueBlue has launched a unique and very fine topwater bait with the Snecon 50S. Despite the unfamiliarity of both the brand and this bait on mainland Europe, predatory bleak, perch and bass will love to snack on these.

The Snecon 50S contains a specially shaped swimming paddle on its head and also an unstable centre of gravity, creating wide swings of the bait when reeling in. The thick body also contributes to its strong wobbling and rolling motion. The stronger the water flows or the further the Scenon is, the more confident and stable its movement becomes. The Scenon swims with the swell and current, just like a small fish swimming across the current.

Available color: Glitter Shirasu #26 
Weight: 3 gr
Length: 50 mm
Type: Sinking

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